How To Open Your Book Like A Pro [Infographic]

I stumbled across this really cool infographic on Pinterest and HAD to share it with you. 

It shows different types of opening sentences, like action or character or setting, with examples. 

It’s so simple. Yet, so awesome. 

Check it out here: (then come back – Pinterest can be scary after dark).

What do you think? Cool, right?!

Now, what to do with all this writerly wisdom? 

  • Try writing an opening line for your story 
  • Write one opening line using all the different opening strategies 
  • Test them out on beta readers, social media or strangers in line at Starbucks (bonus points for whispering them into the ears of the person in front of you). 

I love discussing how to open a story with other writers. 

That’s why I wrote the blog post, 10 Story Openings That Instantly Turn Readers Off.  It has become one of my most shared posts. 

Jacob M. Appel wrote an excellent guest post on Writer’s Digest on opening lines (it also has some humor, which means I doubly enjoyed it). 

Check out his post here: 7 Ways To Create A Killer Opening Line For Your Novel

Sidenote: I really like the title of his post. Of course, if you kill your readers, you’ll quickly run out of them….

You might also want to check out Jeff Gerke’s post Begin Your Novel with Action: A Good Rule? on adapted from his book The Irresistible Novel. (Get your copy here). Oh, and that’s an affiliate link because school is about to start and my kids need new shoes. 

What’s your favorite trick for opening a story, novel or bank vault? Especially that last one. Do tell. 


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