The Bestseller Character Checklist

Bestseller Character Checklist

Develop Bestseller Caliber Characters in 24 hours or less.


If you can create a character readers care about, you can attract hordes of raving fans and enjoy a lasting writing career.
That’s a bold statement, and one that I believe is unequivocably true.

What makes a bestseller character?

There are, of course, entire books written that attempt to answer that question. 

This post is meant to be a quick action guide to get you started, a way of putting a frame around the task of developing characters, a final checklist to ensure that you didn’t leave anything out.

Download a PDF of this Checklist

The Bestseller Character Checklist

✔️ Good Name 

✔️ Unique (personality)

✔️ Unique physically 

✔️ Unique dialogue 

✔️  Externally Motivated

✔️ Internally Motivated 

✔️ Conflicted

✔️ Connected to Theme

✔️ Connected to plot

✔️ Connected to conflict 

✔️ Connected to setting 

✔️ Reluctantly Involved

✔️ The best….

✔️ The most…

✔️ The last…

✔️ The only…

✔️ Troubled (lingering past hurt)

✔️ Clever

✔️ Grit

✔️ It Factor 

✔️ Hiding secrets 

✔️ Flawed 

✔️ Unexpected 

✔️ Hits the Archetype Trigger

✔️ 3 Dimensional (job, family, hobby)

✔️ Status 

✔️ Wanted 

✔️ Vulnerable 

✔️ Tics, Mannerisms, nonverbal tells

✔️ Trophies – with emotional meaning 

✔️ Change and growth 

✔️ Proactive 

✔️ Trapped 

✔️ A reputation (that precedes them) 

✔️ Redeemable 

✔️ Relatable

✔️ Believable

✔️ Victims are characters too

✔️ Profoundly affect the story 

✔️ Drive-By Characters steal the show

✔️ The Police Sketch – age, race, height, hair and eye color 

✔️ Play multiple roles

✔️ Extremes 

✔️ Die heroically

✔️  Lions, Tigers and Bears – oh my! (Pets)

✔️  Larger than life 

✔️  Vicarious 

✔️  Out of Character Moments

✔️  Sense of Destiny

✔️  Out of Story Moments (History)

✔️  Twist Cliches

Download a free PDF of the Bestseller Character Checklist


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