BOOK LAUNCH by Chandler Bolt: An In-depth Review

How do you know which how-to writing and how-to publishing books are worth your money?

Book reviews!

I’m such an avid reader (and reviewer), that Amazon awarded me a special badge. What I think that really means is that I’m a sucker for buying up every writing book known to man. 

That’s why I thought I would write up a book review on one of the most popular writing and publishing books on Amazon.

Book launch: How to Write, Market, and self-publish your first Bestseller in 3 months or less AND use it to start & grow, a six figure business by Chandler bolt

Yep, it wins longest title in publishing history. 

Just in case you wondered, I have purchased this book. 

First, here are the book details:


Pages: 133

Publication date: January 20, 2015

Language: English

ASIN: B00SJON2MW Sales Rank: 8119


Book Launch explains the author’s approach to quickly writing, editing, formatting, book cover designing and uploading to the Kindle store through Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. 


What I liked: 

The book cover: 

It’s simple, maybe a little generic, but it works. 

The title: 

Book Launch gets points for clarity in the main title and subtitle. 

The content: 

The author shares dozens of strategies for writing and publishing a bestseller (or successful book). No publishing stone isoverlooked  — writing, editing, formatting, titles, book covers, generating pre-release buzz and uploading to Amazon using methods that might be best described as gaming the system. 

The author shares both his personal publishing story, along with the stories of several other writers. I found these stories highly inspiring. 

Probably my favorite part of the book are the copy-and-paste templates for communicating with book editors and book designers, etc. I love when authors go the extra mile to provide simple, actionable tools. 


Book Launch occasionally comes off as salesey. The author pitched his Self Publishing School multiple times during the text. I found the number of pitches somewhat overkill. 

While I appreciate the simple writing, I prefer a bit more style. 


Ultimately, Book Launch is flawed but more than worth the low price ($3.99 on Kindle as of this writing, or approximately $6 if you add the audio). 

Download Book Launch from Amazon


Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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