How To Write A  Bestseller Before Christmas

Every author wants to write a bestseller, but the question is, how?

Many blogs, articles, books and webinars claim to be able to teach you how to write a bestseller.

Is it even possible to write a bestseller before Christmas? Absolutely! 

Many bestsellers have been written quickly. And the point isn’t to dash off a bestseller – the point is that you can write a bestseller in less time than you think. 

Why not before Christmas?

The biggest issue is not a matter of talent but strategy. 

Why not learn to write a bestseller from a bestselling author? Why not learn from an entire team of bestselling authors (or those who study them)? Why not kidnap a bestselling author and force him to rewrite his latest book — wait, never mind —I think that is already a thing. 

While no one knows the magic formula for guaranteeing a bestseller for everyone every time (or at least they ain’t sayin’), there are patterns, techniques and skill sets that seem to proceed and predict bestsellers.

Check out these articles and blog posts on writing bestsellers (maybe even before Christmas): 

1. “How To Write A Bestseller” via @tferriss  

Wow, what a resource!

2. “1,000 true fans” 

Via The Technium, as rewritten for Tools for Titans by @tferriss

3. “How Bestseller Lists Work” by Tim Ferriss 

4. “How To Create A Viral Book Trailer” via @tferriss 

5. “How To Write An Instant #1 Bestseller” 

6. “How To Write A Bestseller (According to the Formula)” by Peter Winkler @HuffPost  

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Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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