The *Blind* Paradox of Literary Genius 

The first step towards literary genius is to see the world – to really SEE it – naked and exposed. 

See as in notice, pay attention to, study and explore…

5 Things You Must See to Be A Literary Genius 

  • Body language 
  • Speech patterns 
  • Human interaction 
  • Mechanics of the body 
  • Details 

After learning to *see* the world, the next step is to learn to *unsee*. 

A bit of a paradox, right? 

Unseeing is looking past surface appearance into the deeper elements of life. 

5 Things You Must *Unsee* to be a Literary Genius

  1. Social Masks – these conceal the truth of a person, who they really are when no one (but the reader) is looking.
  2. Facades – The swirling mirages of everyday life that cast illusions, like settings that are much different than they appear 
  3. Literal Meaning – Dialogue with double or triple meaning. What is *said* between and around what is actually said. 
  4. Obvious Interpretation – Symbolic Actions or actions imbued with significance that *speak* volumes without saying a word. 
  5. Surface Appearance – To really see we must *unsee* what is first and front, we must look behind and beyond to the essence of things. 

Stories are about how the seen and unseen affect each other. Stories are about physical goals and metaphysical transformation. 

You can only write what you *see*. 

So see more. 


Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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