Tony Robbins’ Secret to Becoming a Bestselling Author

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful and recognized leaders in the world of peak performance.

One of his great skills is the ability to unpack excellence.

When he decides on a goal, like mastering his finances, he finds the most successful people in that area, roots out their beliefs, approach, decision making processes and behavioral strategies for effectiveness.

This secret (and some may call it shortcut or hack) to success is often referred to as modeling.

So what is Tony Robbins’ secret to becoming a BestSelling Author?

Model the Masters. 

Find someone or several people that are already achieving the goal you want to achieve or living the dream you want to live and then copy their approach and strategies.

While obtaining a personal mentor who is willing to teach you how to write like them is ideal, for most of us that is not a realistic objective.

While obtaining a personal mentor who is willing to teach you how to write like them is ideal, for most of us that is not a realistic objective.

Although you might be surprised how willing bestselling authors are to share their secrets.

If you can’t find a mentor, the next best thing is to study their work and reverse engineer the writing process.

In fact, even if you can’t find a mentor or mentors, reverse engineering is not a bad idea since many successful people can’t clearly or fully explain their success. Or, they might leave something out that is second nature to them but might be very helpful to you or others who are less practiced or skilled in the craft.

I’m not talking about plagiarism. I’m referring to copying strategies not sentences.

I think this is why so many accomplished writers encourage new writers to read as much as possible.

Is the library full of master artists waiting to mentor you?

By reading, we subconsciously absorb the author’s strategies. 

That is a good thing. 

However, even better is to both subconsciously absorb and consciously study.

So go out and find a bestselling book, a book that is successful by your definition, and study it word by word and page by page. 

Look for patterns and structures that you can emulate in your own work. Take notes, read voraciously, never stop learning.

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Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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