I Can Turn Your Idea Into A Bestseller


Click Here: http://bit.ly/22PZguY

No time to read? Listen to the audio here: Audio File

Let me turn your story idea into a bestseller with my 30 Point Bestseller Story Idea Blueprint + Professional Story Consultation

Don’t get this right now unless you are serious about turning your story idea into a killer concept that agents and publishers greedily fight over – the only question is, how soon do you want this to happen to you?

Here is What I Can Do For You

As soon as you purchase this gig, you will know how to: 

  • Avoid the embarrassing mistakes so many writers make when developing their premise or story idea
  • Add the essential elements of a bestseller idea into YOUR story premise (leave even one out and you can kill your chances of getting published)
  • Virtually guarantee your idea is Irristible as good as even bestselling authors 

While I don’t write or edit the actual story, you do get these bonuses: 

Bonus #1: (Valued at $20)
Along with the Bestseller Blueprint, I’ll even send you my exclusive report explaining the whole process of developing a bestseller premise.

Bonus #2 (Valued at $50 per hour): Professional story consultation with me. I’ll show you exactly how to turn your story idea into a BESTSELLER.

When you are ready to take your story to the next level, contact me now by clicking the link below (goes to Fivver). I can’t wait to work with you. 

Click Here Now: http://bit.ly/22PZguY


Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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