5 Quotes That Will Change The Way You Write Forever


5 Quotes That Will Change The Way You Write Forever

Words – especially those cobbled together into short bursts of truth – hold the power to shift focus, topple limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering convictions. 

There are 5 quotes that can change the way you write forever. 

Read them. Savor them. Reflect on them until the meaning (and meanings!) soak into every fiber of your being.  

Sweat & Blood 

Elite military teams understand the importance of mastery. Writing is a craft that demands discipline, practice and apprenticeship. 

Contrary to popular belief, the apprenticeship is often long and grueling –  and the best writers both love and hate the process. 

The more you sweat in training – the more effort and time you put into mastery of your craft – the less you bleed in combat – you’ll get better, faster, at every aspect of writing, and avoid the literary pitfalls that plague so many stories.  


Write with abandon. Write with risk, dance on the edge of literary disaster. Don’t judge or filter or hold back. 

Write without a net. 

Dive into the narrative, pouring heart and mind and soul out onto the page. 

As an artist, you have the moment by moment choice to either shy away from full exploration of the theme(s) of your story or to boldly expose yourself and your reader to emotionally gripping experience. Choose the latter. 

Pyro Prose

Douse yourself and your prose on fire – write with unmitigated passion. Passion is riveting, mesmerizing, hypnotic. 

The fire of your prose will attract readers. The passion of your prose will prompt readers to share your message with others. 

Write about that which sets your soul aflame, evoking strong fiery emotions.  Allow the burnings within you to spark about on the page.  

Making Beautiful Music 

The sound and rythm, the substance and style, of the narrative is everything. 

After writing the story, or as you write it, refine the language to suit the story. Yes, know the grammar rules. No, don’t always follow them. 

Most of the time, your words should not call attention to themselves – rather, they should be transparent, like a window through which the reader experiences the story. 


This, to me, is a massive relief. Perfection is both a myth and a mistake, robbing us of artistic creativity and fearless expression. 

Write daily. Read daily. Learn from those apprentices further along then you, model them and study thier techniques. Find your voice. Work at your craft. Never settle. Never stop.

Your apprenticeship (and mine) may be long and arduous, but it is also worthwhile and wonderful.


Christopher Kokoski is a speaker, trainer and author of Wicker Hollow and the Past Lives novel series.

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  2. […] 5 Quotes That Will Change The Way You Write Forever […]

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